Cylinder work for the 719 or 705 piston kit. Pricing for the work is using your cylinder. ncludes removal of the original liner (if not already done), clearancing of the cylinder block as req'd, new o-rings installed, liner installed, liner decked, bored and honed. Does not include liner.


We are no longer doing a core exchange program. A few customers have sent cylinders with some damage and still wanted the full core refund.


IMPORTANT: we are no longer boring cylinders for any pistons but our own. Please don't ask us to support someone else's product. :)


ALSO READ THIS - THIS doesn't include the cylinder core. The only thing I'm changing is adding this text, and some guy just got angry with me assuming it includes the cylinder. IT DOESN"T! If I don't see a record indiciting you bought a piston from me, don't order the cylinder bore and hone.

  • Item #: cyl 719 705

cylinder work for 705 or 719

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