Manual Petcock for KLR650 1987-2018

Manual Petcock, replaces factory vacuum petcock. Direct bolt on. Eliminate one more potential issue with the factory Kawasaki setup. This setup allows more fuel before reserve due to tube height, but less fuel available after reserve is reached. Total fuel is the same, of course. This petcock is on the left in the picture. Original Kawasaki part on the right for comparison. You can install the original (taller) pipe in your new petcock. Use pliers to carefully remove each, and gently push the old pipe into the new petcock. They stick pretty well just pushed in. You could put a small amount of fuel proof epoxy on it. I don't have a source for the filters on top of the pipes, so be careful. 

Now includes approx 12" of fuel line, in addition to a vacuum cap for the port on the carb. Yes, it comes with the o-ring/gasket to seal against the tank. 

If you install this petcock with the SW Motech engine/body crash guards, you will need to notch the lower outside edge of the selector lever. Nothing difficult, still easy to use. Still have the long life and reliability of the manual petcock. :)

THIS DOES NOT FIT THE EARLY CONCOURS! Someone on a Concours Forum has indicated it fits - it does not!!!!!



  • Item #: mpcy
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha

Manual Petcock for KLR650 1987-2018

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