692 forged piston kit

Oversize piston kit, fits 1996 and later KLR650. Forged, lightweight, 3.00mm over stock. Premium rings and wrist pin. Requires cylinder machining. This kit includes required gaskets : fitted head gasket, base gasket, exhaust headpipe crush copper gasket, cam chan tensioner gasket.  Lighter and smoother than the factory setup. If you have an oil user this is a good way to go.

Improved performance and smoother engine. Much greater difference than expected for a 41cc increase.

This kit originally designed to be used when you wear out your 685. You can also go straight to the 692! This is a big as you should take the stock liner.

 IMPORTANT! If you add the bored and honed cylinder option, you MUST contact me to make arrangements to exchange your cylinder. See related items below to select the cylinder work option.

  • Item #: 692pk
  • Manufacturer: Eagle by JE Pistons

692 forged piston kit

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